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Set Free Saturday was our best ministry event to date! 

Attendees joined Dr. Connie Borden and the Totally Transformed Team on September 21st for a full day of ministry, exploring the question, "I'm a Christian - so what's wrong with me?" We processed to understand what went wrong in each individual's life, either before or after salvation, and how to fix it. This limited, one-day only seminar event took place at the beautiful Hope Center in Plano, Texas.

The event consisted of a full-day of teaching and ministry that equipped our attendees with the tools and resources needed to be healed, set free, and ultimately transformed into the image of God "for the display of His splendor" (Isaiah 61:1-4). 


Here are some of the concepts that were covered:

  • The root of things that went wrong in life

  • How to be healed from hurts and wounds that hold us back from all God has called us to be

  • How to be delivered from strongholds of sin and behaviors that seem too difficult to overcome

  • How to live victoriously in the Christian life and fulfill our calling

If this sounds like an event you'd like to attend next time it's offered, click here to join our mailing list to stay informed of upcoming Totally Transformed events!

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